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On Sunday 23rd April at 3pm the UK government sent a nationwide Emergency Alert test message to all those people with a mobile device. Emergency Alerts is a new government service that warns you if there is a danger to life nearby (e.g. flooding, fire, and terrorist attacks). In an emergency, mobile phone masts broadcast an alert in the affected area, and give advice about how to stay safe.

At CollectConnect we are asking a group of writers and artists to create work on the theme of Alert. With the COVID pandemic still fresh in our mind we have all experienced fear in recent years, this exhibition questions the motivation and effectiveness of using fear to change behaviour.

How does being 'Alerted' affect the individual and the group? 
What happens to our bodies when we are Alerted? 
What happens to our minds when we are Alerted? 
What are the political reasons for Alerting people? 
Who chooses what dangers we should be Alerted to? 
What dangers are we not Alerted to? 
What Alert would you send? 

October 2023
1. Written pieces will be sent daily via a message (text/Whatsapp) to a group of recipients. The recipients will record their response to the message. The recipient can choose to share their responses publicly or only with the writer involved.
2. One artwork a day will be sent via mail to a recipient. The recipient will record their response to the artwork. The recipient can choose to share their response publicly or only with the artist involved.
3. Written pieces and artwork will appear daily on the CollectConnect website and on social media throughout October.
4. Written pieces and art will appear in a chapbook. Each artist and writer will have at least one piece included. Artists and writers will receive 5 copies each. Some Public responses will appear in the chapbook.

Submit a piece of writing that is no longer than 55 words, the same as the government alert sent on the 23rd April.

"This is a test of Emergency Alerts, a new UK government service that will warn you if there’s a life-threatening emergency nearby.
In an actual emergency, follow the instructions in the alert to keep yourself and others safe.
Visit for more information.
This is a test. You do not need to take any action."

Send your artwork in the post to Dean or Alban (they will provide you with an address). Artwork should be no larger 8cm in any direction. 
Digital artwork can be sent via email.

DEADLINE - All writing and artwork to be received by September 11th 2023.

Artists and writers
Alban Low 
Ann Kopka 
Bryan Benge 
Dean Reddick 
Julia Rose Lewis 
Keziah Reddick 
Lucy Furlong 
María Celina Val 
Mark Carr 
Martin Wakefield 
Melanie Honebone 
Natalie Low 
Paul March 
SJ Fowler 
Stanimir Dimitrov 
Stella Tripp 
Susie Mendelsson

First Responders
Ginny Reddick 

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