Sunday 5 January 2014

Exhibit at the Fringe Arts Bath Festival

Fab Fridge 2010
Dean Reddick (middle)
Holly Hinchcliffe (bottom)
Thank you to Stuart Simler for leading the Cardboard City exhibition throughout December. It was a poignant and exciting installation that brought together 25 artists along the banks of the Thames in London. We are still deciding whether to run Dean Reddick's 'Book of Nets' before our big CollectConnect Open. When the core of CC decided to work together, not only did we agree upon our ideals but also that we would have a big open exhibition that was not themed, and give an opportunity to all of you out there.

This year we have been fortunate enough to have been awarded one of the coveted curatorial slots at the Fringe Arts Bath festival 2014. We hope you will get involved by sending us your artwork and as always it is FREE to enter.

Visit the Submit Art page to find more instructions.

On the 24th May 2014 we will exhibit your magnetic image on the streets of Bath. The public are free to pick up your work and take it home. Who knows on which fridge your art will ultimately be exhibited.

Tracy Ferris - Sun
If you have never exhibited in this way before it is easy. Send us an email at with an image and your name and title of artwork. We operate a first come first served policy and may close early if we fill up before the 25th April deadline. We have space for up to 500 magnetic images.

Submit up to 3 images.
Your work and name will appear on the designated FAB Fridge site.

Any questions please get in touch....Bryan, Dean, Stuart and Alban


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