Tuesday 26 July 2016

Art of Caring at St Pancras Hospital

Last week the Art of Caring exhibition returned to the gallery walls for the public to view and enjoy. A large section of the artwork that graced the Rose Theatre gallery in May 2016 moved to its new venue in St Pancras Hospital for an extended run until October 2016.

Karin Andrews Jashapara
The exhibition has a different flavour entirely from the one we saw in May. Peter Herbert has overseen the curation of the exhibition alongside his assistants Elaine Harper-Gay and Jane. He has created an exciting and bright new show that utilises 30 original works as well as many of the original postcards, these have been grouped together thematically to great effect. He hasn't included every work from the original show, so check the contributors list below.

The address if you would like to visit is, THE CONFERENCE CENTRE, ST PANCRAS HOSPITAL, 4 ST PANCRAS WAY, LONDON, NW1 OPE. It is open Monday to Friday 9.00am - 5.00pm (TRAVEL/BUS 46/214 TUBE/KINGS CROSS). Free Entry.

The exhibition finishes on Thursday 13th October 2016 with another inventive party. We'll post more details here in due course.

Welcoming guests to the opening event, Caroline Harris-Birtles, C&I’s Deputy Director of Nursing, said: “At Camden and Islington we are very keen to continue our strong support for art generally, but also specifically use this event as inspiration to attract further creativity from our own staff and service users.”

Left to right -
Professor Karen Norman, Peter Herbert and Caroline Harris-Birtles
Karen Norman, Visiting Professor at the Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education, Kingston University and St Georges, part of London University, said the exhibition provided a showcase for what nurses did, but also to share some of their additional hidden talents and celebrate all that was good about the nursing profession.

The opening evening also featured singers and music from Key Changes, a charity that provides music engagement and recovery services in hospitals and the community for people experiencing mental health problems.

Artists exhibiting at the St Pancras Exhibition include -

Adesuwa D Igbinedion Nigie
Alan Carlyon Smith
Alban Low
Alexandra Billingham
Alice Auton
Alicia Bolich
Alison Clare Barrett
Amandeep Kaur Dahele
Amelia Bradley
Amy Bowers
Amy Mack
Andie Rose
Andrew Bolton
Ann Charlesworth
Ann Froggatt
Ann Kopka
Anne Guest
Anny Rice
Aran Illingworth
Aurelia Edmiston
Becky Fawcett
Beth Dodd
Biju Abraham
Bravika Chautan
Bryan Benge
Branko Jovanović
C. Carey
Camilla Afren
Carmel Blackie
Carne Griffiths
Carole Scott
Carolyne Kardia
Chantelle Benjamin
Charlie Osbourn
Charlotte CHW
Claire Leboutet
Crisna Maugi
Cristina Prudente
Dan Waters
Daniel Tejada
Daniella Scantori
David Evans
David Napier
Dean Reddick
Diana Trinca
Ed Arantus
Ekta Shah
Ella Penn
Ellen Haskins
Elliot Inglese
Emma Sackett
Emelia Adjei-Nyamekeh
Emily Davis
Emily Latham
Eskild Beck
Esperanza Tielbaard
Fatima Iqbal
Francine Neal
Friba Sarajzada
Gemma Pumford
George Keal
Georgia Clark
Harvey Wells
Hayley Walke
Helen Carter
Imogen Perkin
Interlany Cabral Phillips
Ire Bademosi
Izzy Prentice
Jackie Bennett
Jacqueline Talbot
Jelena Jovančov
Jenny Meehan
Jessica Adrianna Wayar 
Jill Mercer
Jo Peters
Josef Van den Bergh
Jovana Mitić
Jude Gill
Judith Parry
Julie Edwards
Kajal Shah
Karen Fay
Karin Andrews Jashapara
Kate Ward
Kayliegh Daly
Kisha Rai Limbu
Lauren Clark
Lesley Cartwright
Lisa Lecky
Ljiljana Stevanović
Louise Agyepong
Maisha Mapimhidze
Marchelle Boateng
Margret Emakpose
Mark Carr
Mary-Jane Todd
Matthew Woodward
Melanie Ezra
Michael Bolstridge
Mike Russell
Nargis Begum
Natalie Low
Natalie Snow
Nataliya Zozulya
Nikita Gwung
Nikki Yun
Olubukunola Temidava
Opal Moore
Patience Chejerai
Paula Cannon
Peter S Smith
Peter Turton
R. Bokino
Rachel Donnet
Ray Hobbs
Rebecca Dayalsingh
The Rev’d. Robin Pfaff
Rochell Walker-Collins
Ross Anderson
Ross Godwin
Roz Cran
Rumen Deshev
Sally Ward
Sharon Read
Smith Sinwar
Susie Mendelsson
Stacy Harris
Stella Tripp
Stephanie Selena Powell
Streka Canapi
Susan Farley
Syeda Udelin
Tamara Jelaca
Teresa Hunt
Theresa Nash
Tracy Boness
Tracy Ferriss
Tracey Adjedion
Trudi Levis
Tzedal Tesfamariam
Wayne Sleeth
Will Weatherburn
Yvette Douglas

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