Monday 14 November 2016

Retrospective Exhibition at Kensington & Chelsea College Gallery

Join us on for the CollectConnect Retrospective launch party.
Thursday 1st December 2016,
5.30 - 8pm
Kensington and Chelsea College Gallery (Hortensia Rd, London, SW10 0QS).

The exhibition is open from 30th November until 8th December 2016, daily from 9am to 5pm (Closed Sat & Sun). There will be a special evenings of artist talks and workshops on Tuesday 6th December 5.30 - 8pm.

Freezchester, Arndale Centre, 2010
We'll be displaying a mixture of artwork, photographs and ephemera from these exhibitions - Open Fridge, Fab Fridge 2010, Freezchester, Unblank, Lightbite, Brighton Open, SMartwalks, Rarities 2011, Patternotion, Art Jazzed Up, Jawspring, Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk, Hidebird 2012, MagnetBird,  Freed Book,  Future Bound, Cardboard City, Fab Fridge 2014, Dwell - Book of Nets, On the map, Art of Caring 2015,  Art of Caring 2016,   Relationship Map, Chapbooks, Postcards to My Future Self.

Rarities magnet exhibition, Hastings Pier, 2011.
CollectConnect started with an exhibition in 2010 at Gallery 89, Barnet, London. The exhibition was organised by artists Alban Low and Dean Reddick who were working with people living with and recovering from mental health problems. They devised a simple exhibiting structure that eliminated many of the common stresses and hinderances for those wishing to display their work to the public. This way of exhibiting not only appealed to those with mental health problems but to a huge swathe of the art community who wanted the chance to share their work.

Cambridge Blue Plaque Walk, Nick Belcher, 2014
Following that first exhibition, they joined with fellow artists Bryan Benge and Stuart Simler to share more ideas and events.  Over the last 6 years, the quartet have developed an open and flourishing relationship that is flexible and spontaneous. This means they can take advantage of exhibition spaces or funding that comes available at short notice, as well as current trends in cheap internet printing and the growth of internet and mass communication. Together they have organised 25 exhibitions of more than 1200 people’s work, bringing more than 4000 artworks to the public’s attention.

Thank you for the adventures in art.

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