Thursday 7 December 2017

Small Worlds: Future Lives - Exhibition opportunity

Small Worlds: Future Lives

An exhibition of small sculptures that are inspired by the dwellings, societies and worlds of the future. During February 2018 we will placing small artworks (Maximum size = 5cm wide x 5cm deep x 8cm high) on the streets around London Bridge. The artworks can be picked up by the public for free.

Over the past few months we have been finding and cultivating a series of public art spaces (niches, ledges, railing, flowerbeds etc) called the #unsettledgallery. The artworks will be placed one by one in these spaces during February 2018.

We will be photographing the worlds once they are in place and asking writers to create small written works inspired by these miniature societies. These written pieces will be published alongside photographs of your world on the CollectConnect website/blog. Hopefully we'll produce a small physical catalogue/book too, but I'll ask your permission separately if this comes to fruition.

There are further opportunities available too. Eskild Beck will organising a Small Worlds exhibition in Aabenraa, Denmark in May-June 2018 (Opening 3rd May). He will select some artists from our exhibition (but probably not everyone as he has limited space).

How to get involved
Small Worlds: Future Lives (#unsettledgallery London Bridge)

1) Contact Alban Low at his email address to express an interest.
or email
2) Alban will email you his home address.
3) Send your Small Worlds to this address by 19th January 2018.
4) Your sculptures should not be larger than 5cm wide x 5cm deep x 8cm high. A maximum of 3 artworks per artist.

Don't forget you must be prepared that these artworks will be exhibited on the streets and therefore may be taken by members of the public or destroyed by the weather/animals/refuse collectors etc.

Dazzle High-rise - Alban Low (#unsettledgallery No.8)

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