Thursday 5 September 2019

Sarah Sabin - groving exhibition in Bury St Edmunds

Today we have a multiple of four exquisite works by Sarah Sabin, which have been placed in The Great Churchyard, amongst the trees, gravestones and monuments. Words in response are by Sue Burge. 


            twist the pale lid – an anti-clockwise moon
            unfurl the tight spiral of fine weave
            use your unpricked fingertips
            to trace each careful silk-sewn ridge

            wind the ashes of a small and fineboned thing
            you didn’t mean to kill
            into the cloth’s dark heart

            twist the pale lid – a clockwise moon
            suspend your disbelief for seven days
            press your ear to the light tight grain
            listen for a quiet and forgiving flutter
            a ready steady beat

            turn and release

Sue Burge

Sarah Sabin is an artist and educator living and working  in Colchester. My work has been concerned for a number of years with 'digging about under the surface.' I interpret and reimagine places and their histories, through making, public participation, and site specific projects. I use a wide range of media in two and three dimensions. I don't like to pin myself down to a particular material, often choosing what feels to me, most appropriate or with a connection to a particular  site.

Sarah studied BA  Fine Art at  Sunderland University and has an MA fine art at NUA - Norwich university of the Arts. Previous Commissions, exhibitions and residencies include Firstsite, Colchester; the Foundling Museum, London; UCL institute of archaeology;, and a grove residency. She is currently working on a public realm architectural intervention. See

Sue Burge is a North Norfolk based poet and freelance tutor in creative writing and film studies.  Her first collection In the Kingdom of Shadows was published in 2018 alongside her debut pamphlet Lumiere.
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  1. What a beautiful and mysterious offering. I'm not surprised that three of them have been taken already.