Sunday 5 January 2020

More Impossipebbles in South Devon

We first encounter pebbles in childhood, selecting them, chucking them in the air, stacking them as piles, selecting colour, pattern.
Later in life we select again, look for the flat ones, the right weight ones, the ones that skim across the water, to disappear.
Humans selected Pebbles as tools, they are among the earliest known man-made artefacts, dating from the Palaeolithic period of human history.
Now they have been selected again, to make paintings, sculptures, repurposed images, placed and perhaps rediscovered by others, to hopefully beckon the minds eye, what, how, why.

This will be the last of the impossipebbles for a few weeks but keep a look out for the Art of Caring call out which should go live in the next week or two.

Bryan Benge - Impossipebble 7 / Odin 3
Placed next to a rusty old anchor at Beesands  

Alban Low - Impossipebble 8, 9 and 10
The Cannon at Bayard’s cove quay side Dartmouth
Impossipebble 8
Within Bayard’s Cove Fort Dartmouth , through a doorway just above the sea on a small ledge.
Impossipebble 9

On the rear axle of the Sherman Tank memorial at Start Bay. 
Impossipebble 10

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