Friday 22 March 2024

Carolyn Kruger - Translocation and Dislocation (words by Natalie Low)

Welcome to the Translocation and Dislocation exhibition, a selection of eclectic artworks that have been placed or screened beyond the tradition gallery walls. Alongside the art, you can read written works by our First Responders. We will choose a different location for each artwork, the art might be placed in a complementary location (to add to the narrative) or juxtaposed against a competing backdrop to create new meaning.

Our first artwork comes from Carolyn Kruger, a piece of her jigsaw dangles down, inviting Totteridge walkers to complete it. Or perhaps the passers-by like that it's incomplete. A gentle reminder of something they must remember, or something lost, that needs to found.

Carolyn Kruger


First Responder: Natalie Low

Missing piece, an incomplete
Missing peace, beat no retreat
Missing peas, pulse ate in beat
(Words are sweet and neat)

Missing Peke, a lack of dog,
Missing peak, high level fog,
Missing peek, nil eyes agog,
(Words as analogues) 

Missing pee, a urine freeze 
Missing peat, spare that bog please
Missing pizza, zero cheese
(Words please, seize and tease)


Carolyn Kruger
Carolyn is an art psychotherapist and communications designer. For many years, the focus of her work has been supporting people from migrant and refugee backgrounds. She currently lives in Berlin, Germany.

Natalie Low is a creative knitter, stitcher and quilter. She lives in London, UK with her charming family. She has published two chapbooks Dementia (2015) and School Run (2017).

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