Monday 1 April 2024

Keziah Reddick - Translocation Dislocation (words by Ed Arantus)

Welcome to the Translocation and Dislocation exhibition, a selection of eclectic artworks that have been placed or screened beyond the tradition gallery walls. Alongside the art, you can read written works by our First Responders. We will choose a different location for each artwork, the art might be placed in a complementary location (to add to the narrative) or juxtaposed against a competing backdrop to create new meaning.

Keziah Reddick's astronaut sits high above us. We don't often take the time to consider the hidden objects and mystery narratives floating way up there! Ed Arantus muses on the missing canines that may still be lost in space, read his words below.

Keziah Reddick

First Responder: Ed Arantus

Oleg called out to them. They never answered back but they always returned. He called their names into the radio, Belka, Strelka, Dezik, and Tsygan. 

He kept calling out to Laika. 

Cats did not tolerate flight conditions, monkeys were, in fact, problematic. Stray dogs were hardier than the purebreds. So they decided that a pack of Moscow street mutts would be the first cosmonauts.


Bobik escaped just before the mission, so Oleg was put in charge. He cared for the pack, and they loved him. They say that dogs possess such human qualities as courage and loyalty, but they are better than any humans he has ever met. 


He climbs as high as he can, and still calls,


Laika, please come back.


Keziah Reddick is an artist who works across a range of media. She has a particular interest in telling stories through her art. She has a passion for stories from ancient civilisations.

Ed Arantus is a conceptual artist and writer. He published his first work in the Censored Zine in 2010 and has exhibited his work ever since at venues like the Contemporary Arts Research Unit in Oxford and the Museum of Futures in Surbiton.

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