Friday 23 May 2014

FAB Fridge Exhibition 2014 - Bath here we come!

All the magnets have been cut up and sorted into alphabetical order. Our motely crew of artists are making their way to Bath, some have arrived already for the big party tonight. Dean Reddick, Bryan Benge and I will be travelling over tomorrow morning and meeting at
11.30am at Bath Spa Station, 24th May 2014.
So please come along if you would like to help place the art on the streets.

Dean Reddick
Placing magnets 2010
There will be a healthy crowd of us, and plenty of children so all welcome. If you've never encountered one of our exhibitions before they are unusual in their inclusivity and ingenuity. We have been exhibiting both in and more often out of the gallery environment over the past 4 years. Placing art right under the public's noses and inviting them to pick it up and take it home.

Our exhibitions are free to enter and our artists are free from rejection as at least one of their works will be exhibited. We started exhibiting in this way to provide a platform for people with mental health issues to show their work without the usual stresses and expense of many open submission exhibitions. Since then we have placed over 4000 artworks on the streets from more than 1000 artists. We have crossed international boundaries and hopefully a few cultural ones too.

Sorting the magnets
Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for Art in unexpected places around Bath.

If you have picked up a magnet and want to find out a bit more about your artist then check out our Artists page where you'll find a link to their website. Please get in touch with your artist, they would love to hear from you, and find out where you picked up their Art.

Alban Low

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