Thursday 1 May 2014

Susie Mendelsson - Specimens of humanity

Susie Mendelsson - Specimens of humanity
With the FAB Fridge exhibition less than a month away we are taking the opportunity to get to know some of our artists. Our exhibitions are run by artists themselves, who share both the pleasure and pain of their fellow practitioners when it comes to displaying their work. So who could be better to write something about the FAB fridge art but one of the other (120+) artists in this exhibition.
Here Theo Wood writes about ............

Susie Mendelsson
Specimens of humanity

Susie Mendelsson -
In the frame 1
The twisted diminutive ‘specimens of humanity’ are cramped within the containing spaces of their cells/houses/boxes..the light casting brightness on parts of their bodies and throwing deep shadows.  There’s an atmosphere of confinement even though the front of the ‘containers’ is open. And the creatures (who seem to be female) are shrunken in the space with their strange hands in front of them. One of the containers has what looks like a chimney above it asking the viewers to there a fire in there? Does it keep the creature warm or is there a more sinister purpose?

Susie Mendelsson -
In the frame 5
Susie Mendelsson is a figurative artist influenced by the German Expressionists as well as medieval art. Much of her work is motivated by psychological states of trauma and anxiety. Her work explores the universal theme of being a wife, mother and woman. Her current project is Purdah.


We'll be displaying Susie's and Theo's artwork in magnet form on the streets of Bath as part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Come and join us on the 24th May from 11.30am (Bath Spa Rail Station) onwards when we'll be placing the magnets on metallic surfaces throughout the city. The magnets are free to pick up and take home so it's the perfect opportunity to start a collection on your fridge.
If you can't be there in person then follow us on twitter at @collectconnect4 and #fab14.

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