Tuesday 24 February 2015

Rajaa Khalife Paixao - Confessions of an artist

Rajaa Khalife Paixao - Confessions of an artist
beside Dean Reddick
Welcome to the Dwell exhibition and book. For a whole month we will be taking each artist's page and transforming it into a 3 dimensional dwelling. Each one of these small sculptures will be exhibited in public on the London streets.

Rajaa Khalife Paixao
courtesy of http://wolfactory.com
Today we present one of our most complex and beautiful nets in the Dwell exhibition. The nimble fingers and mind of Rajaa Khalife Paixao bring this sculpture to life. Although it is called Confessions of an artist it contains no 'kiss and tell' imagery but there are clues within its pages. I haven't a QR code reader and I'll leave it to the art detectives out there to let me know what secrets are hidden within.

Lebanese born Rajaa Khalife Paixao is a London based artist who cut her teeth at Saatchi & Saatchi Beirut as a Senior Art Director. Either side of this impressive posting she first gained a Masters Degree distinction at USEK University, Lebanon in Advertising and more recently a Master of Arts at Kingston University, again with a distinction.

In the past few months Rajaa Khalife Paixa founded Wolfactory, the home of 'Art With Function'. She is busy creating stylish artworks whose unique character can transform any interior space. There is an attention to detail in everything Rajaa does, like her Dwell net I imagine the work that springs forth from Wolfactory will be made with passion and dedication.

Rajaa Khalife Paixao -
Confessions of an artist
'Confessions of an artist' is our most complex net and you'll need to follow the origami instructions that Rajaa Khalife Paixa has kindly uploaded to Vimeo. Building her BOX and DRAGON.

Above we see Dean Reddick with her dwelling in Walthamstow. The flying dragon carries the box of secrets beneath her, and it's going to make a wonderful surprise for a keen artlover or perhaps a child with an inquisitive mind. Like many of our Dwell nets there is every chance the scale of our sculptures could be lost in London's sprawl but it is just this juxtaposition that make them stand out. Rajaa Khalife Paixa's delicate beauty catches the eye against the red decay of London brick. 
Don't forget to have a look at the next Collect Connect project, 'The Art of Caring' exhibition at The Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames. The theme is Caring/Care and it is FREE to enter.

To buy the Dwell Book for £6 then follow this LINK


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