Friday 27 October 2023

Alertism - Alban Low

Welcome to the Alertism exhibition, featuring artistic and literary works that were inspired by the Emergency Alert test message that was sent to people with a mobile device on Sunday 23rd April at 3pm.

We have a tempting proposition for you today on the Alertism exhibition. CollectConnect co-founder Alban Low asks you to push the button, but just once only. Can you resist? And what would happen if you pushed it twice. The First Responder who has to exert self control is writer Katerina Koulouri. Read her response below.

Alban Low

First Responder: Katerina Koulouri

Clear instructions
In capitals
I could ignore the urge
Follow the instructions
Keep this somewhere safe
Only use it in case of emergency
Only once

    Some other me is tempted to do the opposite and will probably go ahead
    at some point very soon and will press the red button a few times because
    what’s the point of pushing it only once anyway. I’ll wait to see what happens.
    Could it be flooding, an earthquake, a fire? Did I just escape some certain
    death and should be grateful?

Or, I could just store it in a box
Store the box in the cupboard with all the other boxes
Postcards and other mementos
Forget about it, like all the other
Postcards and mementos
After all, it’s only a red button next to some clear instructions
What matters is that someone thought of me


Alban Low is an artist and illustrator, working in a signature graphic style for album covers and specialising in impromptu portraits of jazz musicians. He is currently artist-in-residence at Twickfolk and presents the Jazzlondlive radio show on Brooklands Radio.

Katerina Koulouri is a poet and translator living in London. She was born in Athens, Greece and lived in France for 5 years where she studied Oenology and Modern French Literature. Katerina also holds an MA in Creative Writing (poetry) from Kingston University, London. Poetry, wine and childrens’ books are her passions. She recently published her debut pamphlet, INVITATION TO ELSEWHERE .

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