Wednesday 18 October 2023

Alertism - Martin Wakefield

Welcome to the Alertism exhibition, featuring artistic and literary works that were inspired by the Emergency Alert test message that was sent to people with a mobile device on Sunday 23rd April at 3pm.

We step into the audio-visual Alertism world of the brilliant avant-garde poet and filmmaker Martin Wakefield today. Martin is well known in poetry circles for his highly original performances, at events such as the European Poetry Festival and Poem Brut. A natural collaborator, a highlight of recent performances includes his double act with Patrick Cosgrove at a celebration of the Sampson Low press in 2021 (view it here). Martin's First Responder is singer, writer and artist Carole Bulewski, a fellow Sampson Low author. Read Carole's response below

You can also view the film on youtube at

 First Responder: Carole Bulewski

First impression. From Victor Hugo's poem La Conscience (The Conscience): L'oeil était dans la tombe et regardait Cain (The eye was in the tomb and kept looking at Cain)


Martin Wakefield is a poet from London. He has published books and pamphlets with Hesterglock Press (Jungle Gym / Poems You Can't Colour In), Steel Incisors (Handsfree with Bob Modem) and Sampson Low (Emptpy Poems).

Born and raised in the south of France, Carole Bulewski moved to the UK at the end of the second Millennium, eventually settling down in London after a few years in the South West of England, a place that has inspired her many a supernatural story since – writing first in her native French, but now almost exclusively in the English language. In her writing, she explores how the supernatural can creep into the most mundane of situations. Carole is a member of urban baroque group Firefay.

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