Thursday 21 May 2020

Sentinel Trees

Welcome to Sentinel Trees, an exhibition of miniature art works from 13 artists and 9 authors. 
We are excited and pleased to be part of the Urban Tree Festival 2020.

Artist: Ali Reader Writer: Natalie Low

Like a child who’s walking through a field of adult limbs
And feeling that I live below the world of grown-up things

Words spoken that I cannot hear are taken by the breeze
And treetop faces turned away like ancient mysteries.

Elusive scents from memory: pine, perfume and cigars,
Fried-chicken smells that reach me on the back seat of the car.

You just assume, when you’re a child, that all of this will stay.
The sky, the woods, your mum and dad will never go away.

But trees and people all fall down as everybody knows
To make the space and free the light for other ones to grow.

So once again, lost in the woods, I thrust my hand above
Towards the canopy of green to touch the hem of love.

About the Writer

Natalie is a frequent contributor to CollectConnect and is a writer and a researcher.

About the Artist

Ali is an artist who was part of a successful campaign to save 81 mature Lime trees from being felled to make way for developments in the heart of Walthamstow London.

About the Bonsai

This Apple tree bonsai was given to me several years ago as a peace offering after a neighbour knocked my motorbike over by reversing into it with his car. The tree is yet to flower and has had to survive two infestations of woolly aphid.

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