Wednesday 20 May 2020

Sentinel Trees

Welcome to Sentinel Trees, an exhibition of miniature art works from 13 artists and 9 authors. 
We are excited and pleased to be part of the Urban Tree Festival 2020.

Artist: Ann Kopka Writer: Nick Fox

I love thee not, Pine Cone.
Why hast thus doffed thy woody scales
And donned this coloured garb
Of courtly elegance?
Why dost thou shun the forest floor
With all its earthy leaves and twigs and flowers –
A home for bees, for worms and spiders?
Why dost thou sit sedately
On thy neatly-patterned baubles?

Thy sisters in the forest
Glory mid the autumn colours:
Yellow, russet, brown.
Ne’er canst thou rival these
In thy safe, ordered life.

Go back.
Return to the dangers of the wild.
Return to the forest.

About the Writer

Nick is a librarian who lives near Crystal Palace. He enjoys exploring the local parks and woodlands and is a volunteer with the London Wildlife Trust.

About the Artist

Ann Kopka is a visual artist and curator. She has exhibited in London, the UK, Denmark, Germany, Italy and the USA and her work is held in private collections in the UK, France, Spain, USA and Australia.
Ann studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design and The City Lit, and Museum Curating at The Tate Modern. She studied The Practices and Debates of Modern Art at the Open University and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree.
Ann is a volunteer project co-ordinator at the Heath Robinson Museum London where she is involved with organising and curating temporary exhibitions. Ann is a member of The Free Painters and Sculptors, an Independent artists’ co-operative and charity.

About the Bonsai

This small conifer is grown as a 'clasped to rock style' bonsai to represent a tree growing on a cliff or mountain. The perspective of this bonsai is further away, as though we are seeing the tree from a considerable distance.

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