Sunday 1 December 2013

Cardboard City Advent - First Artwork Released!!

The first day of the month sees the official release of our first Christmas Advent Artwork!

The first release - somewhere near the Millennium Eye. (details below)
Congratulations and thank you to all of the artists who have contributed your creative interpretations of the Cardboard City brief to this all inclusive open air exhibition!

We have successfully begun to release the artworks into our society - but this wasn't quite as straight forward as we first thought it would be…

…Having informed Southwark Police of our all embracing community intentions we received a very curt and stern warning of the potential repercussions of our proposed actions. These included; possible arrest for littering, for causing a bomb scare and subsequent evacuations of local schools/businesses, which we would be held accountable with payment for costs incurred….The list goes on!

With this warning in mind and with the even stronger purpose for our inclusive message to be shared with the wider community we set upon re-designing our 'cardboard city' boxes to fulfil our mission statements whilst maintaining the peace, if only until the last minute Christmas shoppers run between the Southbank and shopping heaven on the other side of the river.

Alban and I set about releasing our artists Social Advent messages into the community: 

'On the 1st day of Christmas our cardboard city artist gave us:  'Boxed In' 

Bryan Benge - shares his piece with us:

Boxed In - Bryan Benge

Bryan's current working practice is informed by an investigation into the use of LTM (Long Term Memory), particularly episodic memory/schemata that refer to specific events in time (autobiographical).

My reading is at an early stage but already has introduced me to the concept of MTT ( Mental Time Travel), the ability to mentally project oneself in time to relive past experiences, (or future ones). In somewhat of a paradox It is past experiences/memory that preoccupy me at the present time. MTT is a concept being investigated by Canadian Psychologist Endel Turvig.

I think Bryans piece adds an interesting dimension to the original themes, considering how our mind and memory can create its own sense of space or containment. 
Keep 'em peel'd for another release tomorrow (Monday 2nd)….


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