Tuesday 17 December 2013

Alban Low - Community Minded

Alban Low -
a bridge too far…?
Here we are again and having had my first piece written up by artist and co-curator, Alban Low its time to repay the favour. That's right, the man himself is up and running, literally down the Southbank with his first offering to Cardboard City and Social Advent no. 17…….
It seems fitting that the creator of the whole Modern Miniature Magnet Artwork movement finds his first release with a backdrop of the great Tate - its huge tower magnificently emphasising the contrast in scale of 'exclusive' and 'inclusive' exhibitions. You're probably wondering which is which right now…but make no mistake the small but perfectly formed format of Alban Low's interventions are no accident. They reflect his idealism that art is for the people and should always be inclusive - a philosophy he shares with his fellow collect connect compadres.
Onedon - by Alban Low

With this in mind Alban shares with us his first offering: 'Onedon'. This is what he has to say about his distorted art piece:
"I am not one of Society's beautiful people. I often feel like an individual who has been cut adrift. Despite its creeping mass there are still survival pockets in England's capital for an artist but it has been the warm embrace from the wider creative community that gives me a sense of belonging."

Opening the Door on 'Onedon' and
artist Alban Low
It is Albans sense of community that has inspired him to create such imaginative collaborations throughout the country, like 'Freedbook' and 'Freezechester' and leading each initiative with a tenacious verve that has always impressed me he sets a benchmark that's certainly worth reaching for.
With so much to write about this wily artist curator it's a good job there's a second chance to wax on, wax off about our fridge magnet friend.

Until tomorrow's release - keep 'em peeled!


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