Wednesday 4 December 2013

Angela Malone - Social Advent 4

Cardboard City no.4
Another day sees us opening another Social Advent and after Monday's big reveal of 'Ang McDonald we move a little further along the river (west) to the well populated Westminster bridge area to release our 4th artist.

4th Release - along The Queens Walk
Angela was born in Brooklyn, New York, 1957. Having taught and exhibited for a number of years, returning to education when she moved into Sculpture in 2007. Her work is based firmly in the genre of portraiture but looks closely at the Curatorial aspects of displays, referencing her own drawings, particularly the ones from life. Sketchbook and graphic works are central to her practice leading the way to finished works, which usually evolve from sketches into stone carvings plaster works or ceramics, often integrating elements of text within or alongside the piece.

Augustine No.9 by Angela Malone
Angela's career already has many strands to it - ranging from acclaimed accolades such as receiving the Niagara Falls Award in 2009, Thomas Fattorini Award in 2010 and having permanent collections in Germany, the USA and Austria.

That's 4 advents already launched and we've still got many more artworks to come from our global net of selected artists.

I'm back again tomorrow thanks to fellow Collect Connect artist, curator and Fridge Magnet guru; Alban Low, stepping in to help me out with the 3rd Social Advent the other day! Where will we end up this time and who'll be behind advent no.5….?


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