Wednesday 18 December 2013

Gerrard Lindley - Urban Cowboy

Gerrard Lindley's door on The Globe Theatre
With an ever increasing number of our artworks to cram in before Christmas Eve this will be our last solo entry. Tomorrow we will start releasing two a day but before then we are opening door number 18 on the wall of a national treasure. The Globe Theatre has already had two lives but our modern reconstruction was born in 1997 and as you might have guess showcases the work of one William Shakespeare.

Door 18 is opened
We have an all singing, all dancing artist in our midst today. Gerrard Lindley has been exhibiting with us since the Lightbite exhibition in 2011, and has been a regular over the years. Under his moniker the 'Cowboy of Soul' he roams the graphic design plains, plying his trade as a gun for hire. Gerrard is also an accomplished blues harmonica player, with countless gigs under his belt, and presently works with two Devonian rhythm and blues bands. He cites Sonny Terry, Little Walter, Hammie Nixon and Al Wilson as his main musical influences.

Gerrard Lindley
His work for the Cardboard City exhibition is a multi-layered creation. Found images and colourful textures fight with physical representations of Gerrard's beloved music. Between the smears there are a few scrawls and notes, is this an idle mind or the start of a protest? The 3 lines read...

Alf was here.
happiness isn't all its cracked up to be.

I do not know the motivations behind Gerrard's work but there is unmistakeably a flavour of discontent. A passion from the artist that has got this artwork from his North Devon studio and out onto the streets of London.
I will leave the final word to a better writer than I..

"Who is a man that is not angry?"
William Shakespeare,
Timon of Athens (3.5.59), Alcibiades to the senators


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