Sunday 11 February 2018

Year 2218 - Tracy Boness - #smallworldfutures

Tracy Boness, Weston St, London Bridge, UK
Small World Futures is a collection of 38 miniature sculptures depicting what life could look like in years to come. Each of these small artworks will be placed in public spaces (#unsettledgallery) around London Bridge. Every day throughout February we will be featuring one of these worlds here on the website. A writer will also use the world as inspiration to create something new and fresh, their words describing the shape of a new world.

Today we discover the Small World Future of.... Tracy Boness
The year is 2218

On the third day we thread our way through an inhabited archipelago. Gaily painted houses festoon each peak, and the natives - all remarkably tanned and tall specimens with glinting teeth - wave us closer. I observe to my guide that they could even be beckoning for help. "No help, no stop," mutters my grizzled companion, gripping the wheel. "Devils... they are Sirens." We are nearly past the last isle when one of them lowers his arm, holds my gaze and despatches me with an imaginary gun.

Natalie Low

Tracey Boness
You can find Tracy Boness' Small World Future at #unsettledgallery No.1, built on a pebble beach behind some railings at the North end of Weston Street. If you can find it then you can take it home, or perhaps you will leave it for someone else to discover.

Tracy Boness (b. Canningtown, East London) studied for a BTEC National Diploma in Art & Design at East Ham Community College then a BA Hons Degree Fine Art at West Surrey Institute of Art & Design. She consistently exhibits her work, undertaking commissions and taking part in community based workshops. Painting and drawing are essential to her work practice. Recent black and white drawings take inspiration from 18th Century engravings and botanical drawings of the era. Boness also likes to experiment with new materials, sometimes sewing and layering surfaces to create tactile pieces of work.
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Natalie Low enjoys putting words on paper and believes that everyone has a book of some sort inside them. She lives in Twickenham, UK with her rather charming family. She has published two chapbooks Dementia (2015) and recently School Run (2017).

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