Monday 26 August 2019

Dean Reddick - groving / Acts of Resistance

Dean Reddick's cluster of wasp galls are now nestling amongst climbing stems in the sensory garden in Bury St Edmunds' Abbey Gardens. Each gall contains a message.

Polished up perversions. Acorns awry, these nugget vessels contain secrets.
I've looked her up, you know, the culprit (the hero?) who moves in; redecorates it as her nursery.
This wasp.
Its life is the most extraordinary story involving, time, tactics and co-operation.
She doesn't rush.
Other species are involved as well as the mighty oak's offspring
and two years pass before her goal is achieved.
But she perseveres
and follows the plan nature devised for her. Quietly infiltrating, quietly recruiting,
quietly growing in strength. Biding her time.

Lynn Whitehead

Dean Reddick is an artist and an art therapist. He uses a range of media to make sculptures and drawings, often based on his fascination with birds and trees. He enjoys working collaboratively and is a regular exhibitor at Walthamstow's E17 Art Trail as well as being a co-founder member of the artist cooperative CollectConnect.

Lynn Whitehead studied at Bretton Hall, and she has worked extensively as an actress/singer in regional theatres, on national and international tours, and at the Edinburgh Festival - with some forays into television and more into radio, which she loves. She has a wealth of experience writing for and running community theatre and singing classes  across all ages and abilities. She also works as a storyteller with RojoArt and has written her first solo show which is  about an 18th Century Midwife. 

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  1. Still there yesterday. Loved opening the messages. Very tempting to take them away, maybe I'll go back for one or two at the weekend.
    I love the resistance of waiting til the time is right