Thursday 20 May 2021

Bryan Benge & Natalie Low - Urban Bonsais Real and Imagined

Today we have a video art work from Bryan Benge with words from Natalie Low. 

Bryan is a founder member of Collect Connect and a member of the London Group. 

Natalie is a researcher and a regular and much valued writer for CollectConnect.

The sun shines & shines & shonny-shines 4-ever. Grand-da says “2-shiny sun is trouble.” & he knows, he is dead of 2-big freckles. 

He says "Be-wary bad things inside of good things." I think he talks of things like us. 2-big & shiny smiles, & under-knives. I think it, but now I think no. 

The 2-little tree comes down 1 day from clouds where big gods live, ago. With earth-star light-on light-off & hoots in the air. With shiny bird-call air. With skin like snakes outsides. Only right thing from sky is water. Not a tree, a 2-little tree. 

& most, we see trees from stories & old words. Grand-da says, when small, there are places of only-trees. Only-tree places! We laugh. 

We all ooh-aah, we ooh-aah more-close, 2-close 4 2-little tree now I think. The little 1s go stroke-stroke but we do not stroke things we do not know. More hoots & cries & cries that go from smile to sad. The tree goes crack! & is not 2-little any more but cracks & falls. A-boom big, a-boom big, a-boom more-big. We shout & run & fire-burns from its roots. Up up up it goes, & the fire-burns on us. Up up up it goes. & then it goes. 

& now I feel smiles & tummy-bad both. Grand-da says old trees are friends. So 1 more friend we lose. & I think, I think on his smiling stories. Of things inside things, that are not the thing, but good. How tree arms hold strings & swing him & kick feet to the sky & tree-leaves keep out the sunny-sun & small Grand-da laughs.

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