Friday 14 May 2021

Stella Tripp & Ed Arantus - Urban Bonsais Real and Imagined

Welcome to our latest exhibition as part of the fantastic Urban Tree Festival 2021 Urban Tree Festival 

Trees have been such a feature of  many of our lives during the last year during the lockdowns and social restrictions due to  the Covid pandemic. Walks in the woods and parks, fields and streets have provided much needed relief form the pleasures and demands of digital living and the boredom of restricted social and cultural contact. 

The seeds for this current exhibition were planted during the first lockdown and nurtured over the last 12 months. The concept of Urban Bonsais owes much to our love of the urban trees that surround us and to  trees' ability to adapt and survive, as we have, in difficult and unsympathetic terrain. 

We start today with an art work by Stella Tripp and words by Ed Arantus.

Stella has been a regular exhibitor with us at CollectConnect and we are pleased to open the show with her beautiful watercolour. See more of Stella's art works at:

From my vantage point
Silhouettes are ghosts
Laying flat, crawling in my sleep
From my vantage point
Love is perspective from the real world
A single file tree found like an arrow
Our lines meet in a crack in the distance
Slipping through deepest blue
Rain shadows cover lovers
This lovely grid where our lines
Meet amidst a forlorn landscape
And perhaps you feel it too

Words by Ed Arantus. 

Ed Arantus is a conceptual artist and writer. He published his first work in the Censored Zine in 2010 and has exhibited his work ever since at venues like the Contemporary Arts Research Unit in Oxford and the Museum of Futures in Surbiton.

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