Monday 17 May 2021

Chris Brown & Gabriel Burrow - Urban Bonsais Real and Imagined

Today we are pleased to provide an art work by Chris Brown and words by Gabriel Burrow.

Chris Brown is an artist, author, editor and art therapist living amongst skyscrapers and regularly exploring the wilder landscapes of the United Kingdom.

Gabriel is a writer and editor based in London. He recently graduated Summa Cum Laude from Leiden University with an MA in Literature and Society. He’s working on various projects, from an audio drama to a novel. He’s also growing his first bonsai.
You find him on Twitter and Instagram as @gabrielburrow

In Case of Emergency:

Smokers’ lungs in office blocks. Every now and again becomes five a day, then twenty; a rainforest of itchy alveoli stained and scarred.

Sometimes sparks start fires. We huff smoke and watch them burn.

We’re going to need more trees.

But it’s never too late to quit. The glass breaks and we gulp great lungfuls of air as the emergency system kicks in.

It, out. Us, in. It, out. Us, in.

We’re going to need more trees.


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