Sunday 25 November 2012

FreedBook launched in London

One small step for artists, one giant leap for FreedBook!
Yesterday (24/11/2012) an intrepid band of artists reached all 4 corners of  London's transport compass. Over 80 miles was traversed on foot, buses, trains and a tram, where we delivered 7 freedbooks into the Books For London libraries.
The 6 hours zipped-by in a frantic and fun journey with plenty of chatting and swappping ideas.
We started at Acton Central where myself, Natalie, Effie and Jess met Robert Good, Peter S Smith, Dean Reddick, Chris Gilson and the local Bookswap rep Sara Nathan.
We picked up Ella Penn at Ealing Broadway and Books For London founder Chris Gilson gave us an inspirational Henry V style speech on the bridge at West Ealing before retreating to his HQ.
Heading towards Enfield Chase we picked up Melanie Ezra and Dan Leek at Kings Cross. After finding a suitable phonebox to release FreedBook No.3 our number swelled with the arrival of Sonia Jarema.
A few peeled off in Central London as we headed east to Charlton (pic above), but we we're bolstered by Stephanie Wilkinson and Stuart Simler and several hundred fans on the their way to the Charlton vs Hudddersfield match.
Next to the boundary of our Travelcard's reach at Coulsdon South where we found that the Bookswap shelf had disappeared. The station manager helped us and we found a suitable coffee table in the waiting area to launch book No.5.
On the last lap we reached Wimbledon station by tram and rendezvoused with Chris Gilson once again and then a short hop to Raynes Park where we delivered our final FreedBook of the day.
After 6 hours of travelling we gratefully returned home to wine and tea, with a special space in our hearts for London's Transport system and its employees who never let us down! Every train on time!

Keep an eye out for our next exhibition by Brian Benge.

To buy a copy of the freedbook then visit

To view who was featured in the book visit the Artists page on the right.


Friday 2 November 2012

CollectConnect release FreedBook

We're proud to present our first publication as a group. The FreedBook.
68 One-page stories from 50+ artists.

We'll be releasing our books into the Books For London libraries on the 24th November. So come and pick one up for FREE. More information on our launch on the Freedbook Website page.

If you would like to buy a copy then click on this link BUY  or visit the Sampson Low website.

To see which artists are featured in the FreedBook then visit our Artists page and find links to their websites.

The next CollectConnect exhibition will be organised by Bryan Benge in early 2013.

Thank you to all the artists involved.

Monday 24 September 2012

Freed Book submssions CLOSED

Thanks to the 52 artists/authors who have either reserved a page or already sent in their artwork to the Freed Book project.
Sorry if you didnt get there in time.
Drop me a line with your email address if you're not on our contacts list or have a good idea for a 'one-page' story and want to be top of the list if we do this again.

As work comes in I'll start adding it to a catalogue/slideshow in the next few weeks.

More to follow,

Wednesday 19 September 2012

Freed Book open for submissions!

We're off to a good start with the Freed Book project, submissions are steadily coming in. If you'd like to get involved then send in a 'one-page' story to

Make sure your image (or text or a mix) is -
A5 in size,
300dpi in resolution
either a jpeg or pdf,
Black & White (inc. Grey/half tones)

If you have a brilliant idea for a story/narrative but are worried that we'll close submissions before you've had the chance to finish.....then...drop me an email and I'll reserve you a page.

On the 24th November we'll be releasing copies of the Freed Book into the Books For London network. Its a great network of bookswapping libraries and always on the look out for volunteers, so why not get in touch with them. Follow the link (right). Their support of this project has been a tremendous boon.

"FreedBook is exactly in line with why I started the Books for London campaign, bringing people all across London new things to read and giving budding authors and artists a chance to showcase their wares".
Chris Gilson (Books For London)

Get in touch and be involved,

Monday 10 September 2012

Artist's Birds on E17 Streets

Thanks to everyone who came out and posted magnets around Walthamstow on Saturday (8th Sept). We had a great day visiting the venues along the E17 Art Trail, having an impromptu picnic and of course releasing 100 magnetic birds into the wilds.

If you've just picked up a magnet and want to find out more about the artist, then visit the artist page and it'll will link you their website.

There's a slideshow of some of the magnet placement to the right. More to follow from Stuart and Dean too.

A big thank you to Dean Reddick for his seamless organisation and to all the 50 Artists who produced a memorable and varied exhibition.

We'll be posting details of our next show in about a fortnights time.


Wednesday 5 September 2012

Hidebird Magnets Fly the coop

Here they all are. 100 'birds' on the side of E17's Hidebird in Barrett Road, Walthamstow.
But they'll be flying the coop this Saturday, 8th September at 11am.

Dean has printed them on small magnets (5x7cm) and we'll be placing them on metallic surfaces in the centre of Walthamstow.
There's a slight change of plan. We'll be meeting at the Big Screen, which is between Walthamstow Central Station and the Library at 11am.

Dean and many other artists will be placing 'Art on trees' for hungry collectors at 10am. So join in with this too if you fancy.
Eventually we'll be making our way back to the Hidebird at 28 Barrett Road for a cup of tea.

If you need to get in touch with me - 07792 027716
See you there,

Monday 27 August 2012

100 'Birds' released in Walthamstow

Welcome to the HideBird Magnet Exhibition.

We'll be releasing 100 magnetic 'bird' artworks into the wilds of Walthamstow on Saturday 8th September. Why not come and join us, or search for the birds themselves, pick them up and take them home. Its all Free.

There's a full list of all 50 artists who contributed on the artist's page and you can follow links to their website there.
There is a full catalogue on the slideshow (right) click on it to see the full range.

If you're interested in getting involved meet us at 11am by the HideBird in the front garden of 28 Barrett Road, Walthamstow on 8th September.

HideBird is an exhibition of sculptures - more info here
And part of the E17 Arts Trail

See you there,

Saturday 16 June 2012

Submission is now closed for the HideBird Magnet Exhibition. Thankyou to everyone who contributed.

Wednesday 6 June 2012

CollectConnect Public Art exhibitions

Welcome to CollectConnect and our exhibitions.
We're 4 artists who have been exhibiting together in public spaces since 2010. This is the start of a new venture to bring a more varied pallette of ideas and art opportunities to you.
You can find more about us on the pages (right).
But that isnt why we're here! We want to get YOU involved by contributing and/or collecting.
Have a look at our ideals page to see what we stand for.

Our first exhibtion will be run by Dean Reddick. On his home patch in Walthamstow as part of the E17 Art Trail.
He'll be posting up more details next week about it.
The photo (above) should give you clue.

Alban (Bryan, Dean & Stuart)