Stuart Simler

Stuart is a practising artist and painter, having trained at Leeds Metropolitan University he has had the fortune of exhibiting his work at galleries and spaces in parts of Europe and the U.S.  As a part of his specialist area, Stuart has designed and presented inventive learning programmes for world-renowned clients using art as a tool for cross-curricular learning. Working from his experiences as a fine artist and developing projects for diverse communities, Stuart extended his practice by inviting schools and representatives from local authorities at grass roots level to take part in social interventions that would have a positive impact and offer opportunities for community cohesion.
Recognising the potential for this type of engagement and to reach a wider audience, he has consulted on international projects for the British Council in China and India, working with delegates to develop a greater understanding of their global partners.

My passion for collaborative partnerships and invention came together when Alban invited Dean, Bryan and myself to form Collect Connect. We all share the same core belief that drives each of the exhibition briefs, which is that our art and the art of our growing artistic contributors is created for a diverse and wide ranging audience without boundary. We add to this our unique approach when curating, devising inventive ways in which we can engage with the public as we continue to share our beliefs in a non-exclusive arena for our artists to exhibit their wonderful artworks.

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