Dean Reddick

Dean is an artist, an art therapist and a lecturer.  He has a small studio space at his home in Walthamstow where he works on sculptures and drawings often based on his fascination with birds and trees.
Dean uses a range of media and enjoys experimenting with casting processes using plaster, metal and resin to explore the tensions between organic and geometric forms, positive and negative space and the distortions that occur in producing casts. As an artist and art therapist Dean has a keen interest in the role of art as a cultural phenomenon and as a container for inter-personal meaning. He enjoys working collaboratively and has been a regular exhibitor at Walthamstow's E17 Art Trail as well as exhibiting with CollectConnect and with the tutor group on the MA Art Psychotherapy at Goldsmiths College.

Being a member of the artists' group CollectConnect  is an important part of my identity as an artist. Working with Alban, Stuart and Bryan and the many artist contributors continues to be an exciting and stimulating process and CollectConnect's ability to reach so many artists has been amazing.
CollectConnect sits in a world where there  is an ever increasing promise of connectivity and technological salvation alongside a widening of social, financial and educational inequality and environmental degradation.

I have particularly enjoyed Collect Connect's magnet shows where we have put magnets on the streets of London, Bath, Brighton and Nottingham for people to simply pick up, take home and enjoy. There is something so gently subversive about this approach which appeals to my sensibilities.
The simplicity and clarity of CollectConnect's ideology, its inclusiveness and lack of pretence and importantly, its refusal to join the scrabble for quick profit offers me a chance to belong to something which feels positive but not overblown.
I think CollectConnect has more to offer yet  and I look forward to seeing and being a part of how this dynamic project evolves in the future.


  1. Hi again. I am not sure you got my previous comment. I loved your work. I want to make a community project in my home town in the Galilee in Israel. I Chose your oak tree in the winter, with no leaves and it is in the middle of your tree drawings. Is there anyway you can send me this drawing in a high resolution format, so i can print it and have children add leaves to its bare branches? I dont want to insult you by doing this, but our committee loved your drawing. My email is Thanks and hope to hear from you in any manner

    1. Hi Victor, really good to hear from you. I'll pass on everything to Dean's personal email and he'll reply to you.