Wednesday 17 December 2014

Dwell book artists

All the pages in the Dwell book have been filled by inventive artists willing to try their hands at designing a net. A net is a two dimensional plan which is cut out, folded and joined to create a three dimensional form. We are still waiting for a few artists to finish their nets but we'll have them by the end of the year. Then watch this space as we build them under the careful gaze of project leader Dean Reddick. We'll be building two copies of each net, one to place somewhere in the outside world (streets, shops, residential areas) and the other to create a town of dwellings. We will photograph it all and post up here in January 2015.

Look at our artists page to see who's appearing in the book and exhibition.


Monday 1 December 2014

Reserve a page - Dwell

at 11am on the December 6th.
If you have missed out then don't worry there are plenty of exhibitions in 2015.

If you have reserved a page then you've still plenty of time to send your net into us, but don't forget to send it in before 31st December 2014 (Midnight)

We've had a varied and exciting group of Dwelling sent into to us over the past month. Thank you if you've contributed. We have now filled 12 pages but are still looking for a further 18 to complete the book.

Tamara Jelača - Little house in prairie
The talented Serbian artist Tamara Jelača sent us her Net (above) called 'Little house in prairie'. Your Dwell net could be anything from a car to a space capsule, a tent to a wizard's tower- anywhere that you have dwelt or where you can imagine dwelling! Add your dwelling to the book to be part of the Dwell community.

If you would like to contribute then contact Dean immediately at and he will reserve you page.

This will allow you between 2-4 weeks to finish your dwelling and turn it into a Net. Read all the information on the Submit and Now Showing pages where Dean has written everything you'll need to know. He explains what a net is, and what you will need to email to him, but if there are any questions then get in touch.