We want to represent ourselves and other artists sympathetically and honestly.
Below are our promises to you.

Artists can enter CollectConect exhibitions for Free.

The Public can pick up the artwork for Free.

We operate an open selection policy, so artists are free from rejection. It is your responsibility to choose what work is appropriate. *

We have a 'First come-First served' policy. Sometimes this means we close before the deadline.

Our artists range through all ages, colours, backgrounds, and all skill levels are welcome.

If at all possible we will exhibit in a public area that is truly open to everyone and accessible. (without doors).

Despite the broad criteria we hope that you'll take this opportunity to express yourself within the Themes and occupy the public realm with your artistic voice.

* we reserve the right to refuse any work that is offensive or inappropriate in the public domain. We have never had to do this and often find a solution that's tailored to the situation.

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  1. Really I appreciated the effort you made to share the knowledge. Thank you!