Sunday 27 April 2014

Getting Ready for FAB Fridge

Dean Reddick and magnets
Submissions are now closed for FAB Fridge 2014.
We're just downloading and logging in the last few entries and I think we'll top 300 mark.
This will be the second largest Contemporary Magnetic Art Exhibition ever, so very excited about the event itself.
It's not all about quantity and this year has seen a swathe of exciting new artists join our rank with some truly inspiring artwork. Of course it goes without saying that we couldn't do this without some of our old hands too, whose devotion to the cause is uplifting.

Over the next week we'll be updating our artist lists with names and links. Then getting the images ready for the printers in 32 image sheets. These are turned into magnets and shipped back to us in May, all ready to cut up and prepared for the streets of Bath.

Over the next month we will be writing about some of our CollectConnect artists, so please keep dipping in and out.

On the 24th May we will be meeting at Bath Rail Station at 11.30am. We will then be walking around Bath placing magnets on metallic surfaces.

Francesca Albini - Chips

Follow us on Twitter - @collectconnect and @albanart
or hashtag #fab14 where we'll be posting some photos of the magnets.

Hopefully we'll be stopping for a spot of lunch and doing just what one of our new artists Francesca Albini has drawn.

Alban, Dean, Stuart and Bryan.