Alban Low

Alban is involved in many creative projects including album artwork, publishing chapbooks,  award-winning films and  specially commissioned Rugby World Cup bunting which hung all over Twickenham.  He spent several years living in south-west France and still loves sketching the people and scenery there. Alban is artist-in-residence at the School of Nursing, Faculty of Health, Social Care and Education at Kingston University and St George's University of London. As part of this role, he has sketched their simulated mental health ward and documented the Dissecting Room at King's College London with an exhibition in the Gordon Museum of Pathology.  Alban spends his evenings in the jazz clubs of London where he captures the exhilaration of live performances in his sketchbook.

“CollectConnect is part of my professional and family life. If I find a good exhibition opportunity then my natural instinct is to share this with others.  I hope that artists know that I have their best interests at heart. Although art societies, elite artists’ groups and curators have a strong role to play in our art world they have dominated the modern landscape both financially and in terms of profile. Much of the art I see at CollectConnect is carefully considered, personal and  gives me an introduction to a new person and their work. I‘m proud that we don’t ridicule or reject other’s work because it doesn’t agree with our tastes. Our success depends on our integrity, that we don’t ripoff artists with submission fees and that we give them new and exciting opportunities that can be accessed from their own homes or studios. Most of all I’m proud that we reach beyond the gallery, beyond the established art scene and that anyone can be part of an exhibition or publication, either as a viewer, participant or collector.”

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