Sunday 25 May 2014

Magnetic Art alive in Bath

Stephanie Wilkinson's magnetic artwork

It was a little damp around the edges but luckily our magnetic art is all waterproof and our art is bright enough to catch the eye of eager Art hunters across Bath. If you're looking for something to do over the next week or so then head down to the stretch of towpath that runs from Pulteney Bridge to Churchill Bridge (red route on our map). Here you'll find more than 320 magnetic artwork dotted on railings and benches if you look hard enough.

Bath Map -
Red Route is where we
 placed the magnets
If you find a magnet then it will include the name of one of our 124 artists and possibly their twitter address too. If you would like more information about your artist then visit our Artists page where you'll find a link to their website.

FAB Fridge crew
Our intrepid band of artists' donned their waterproofs and took the plunge into Bath's cultural melting pot on the 24th May 2014. If you want to find out where they placed them then check out the slideshow below. Along for the ride was Maria Lopez, Jack Gardner, Ginny Reddick with Kim and Kez, Jessamy and Natalie Low, Effra Aye-Maung-Hider, Maria and Bryan Benge, Alban Low and Dean Reddick.

We had a wonderful time in Bath and were made very welcome by everyone at Fringe Arts Bath. It was amazing to see the diversity of Art on display at the various hubs around the city and we hope they will have us back again in the future. If you would like to exhibit with us in the future then drop us a line at and we'll get back to you.

From us all at CollectConnect,
Thank you.

Kim Reddick 2010 magnetic masterpiece
ps. If you think they've all gone then have another look. This year we found a magnet by Kim Reddick that had been in place since 2010!

Friday 23 May 2014

FAB Fridge Exhibition 2014 - Bath here we come!

All the magnets have been cut up and sorted into alphabetical order. Our motely crew of artists are making their way to Bath, some have arrived already for the big party tonight. Dean Reddick, Bryan Benge and I will be travelling over tomorrow morning and meeting at
11.30am at Bath Spa Station, 24th May 2014.
So please come along if you would like to help place the art on the streets.

Dean Reddick
Placing magnets 2010
There will be a healthy crowd of us, and plenty of children so all welcome. If you've never encountered one of our exhibitions before they are unusual in their inclusivity and ingenuity. We have been exhibiting both in and more often out of the gallery environment over the past 4 years. Placing art right under the public's noses and inviting them to pick it up and take it home.

Our exhibitions are free to enter and our artists are free from rejection as at least one of their works will be exhibited. We started exhibiting in this way to provide a platform for people with mental health issues to show their work without the usual stresses and expense of many open submission exhibitions. Since then we have placed over 4000 artworks on the streets from more than 1000 artists. We have crossed international boundaries and hopefully a few cultural ones too.

Sorting the magnets
Keep your eyes peeled over the next few weeks for Art in unexpected places around Bath.

If you have picked up a magnet and want to find out a bit more about your artist then check out our Artists page where you'll find a link to their website. Please get in touch with your artist, they would love to hear from you, and find out where you picked up their Art.

Alban Low

Wednesday 21 May 2014

RIP Antony Roberts -Artist (1958 - 2014)

Antony Roberts -
Open Fridge Exhibition 2010
The magnet exhibitions have featured the work of over 1000 artists in a short 4 year period and a regular participant with us has been artist Antony Roberts. Amongst the hard work and logistical juggling I have the opportunity get to know many of these artists, not only their work but also if I'm lucky to meet them in person. I was doubly lucky to spend time with Antony Roberts away from the heat of exhibitions and even managed a few nights sketching on the London Jazz circuit.

Antony Roberts - Beware of Fishing
Freezchester 2010
It is therefore with great sadness that I have to tell you that Tony passed away peacefully on the 31st March this year at Princess Alice Hospice in Esher. This past year had been a tough one, with his on-going Cancer treatment sapping his strength. He didn't submit to our exhibitions at this time but below I would like to show you some of his excellent work from previous years.
Antony Roberts
LightBite Exhibition 2011
Antony Roberts exhibitions include -
Open Fridge 2010 (Gallery 89, Barnet)
FAB Fridge 2010 (Fringe Arts Bath)
Freezchester 2010 (Hazard MMX Festival/Arndale Centre Manchester)
Lightbite 2011 (LightNight Festival Nottingham)
Brighton Open 2011 (Brighton Fringe Festival)
Rarities 2011 (Hastings Pier)
Antony Roberts - The Duel
Freedbook 2012
He also published his artwork in the FreedBook in 2012. The 72 page publication was left in the book swapping libraries on London's transport network where they were picked up and have been passed around the world ever since. This was Tony's last project with us and we will be releasing a copy in Bath on 24th May. It seems fitting, as his contribution and the book itself represents the two qualities that I remember most about him, his generosity and humour.
He is missed. Never forgotten. Goodbye Tony.
I have already passed on many of your condolences to Tony's family, so thank you to all.
Alban Low (May 2014)
Antony Roberts - Open Fridge 2010

Antony Roberts - Open Fridge 2010
Antony Roberts - Lightbite 2011

Antony Roberts - Lightbite 2011
Antony Roberts - Rarities 2011

Antony Roberts - Rarities 2011
Antony Roberts - Brighton Open 2011

Antony Roberts - Brighton Open 2011

Thursday 1 May 2014

Susie Mendelsson - Specimens of humanity

Susie Mendelsson - Specimens of humanity
With the FAB Fridge exhibition less than a month away we are taking the opportunity to get to know some of our artists. Our exhibitions are run by artists themselves, who share both the pleasure and pain of their fellow practitioners when it comes to displaying their work. So who could be better to write something about the FAB fridge art but one of the other (120+) artists in this exhibition.
Here Theo Wood writes about ............

Susie Mendelsson
Specimens of humanity

Susie Mendelsson -
In the frame 1
The twisted diminutive ‘specimens of humanity’ are cramped within the containing spaces of their cells/houses/boxes..the light casting brightness on parts of their bodies and throwing deep shadows.  There’s an atmosphere of confinement even though the front of the ‘containers’ is open. And the creatures (who seem to be female) are shrunken in the space with their strange hands in front of them. One of the containers has what looks like a chimney above it asking the viewers to there a fire in there? Does it keep the creature warm or is there a more sinister purpose?

Susie Mendelsson -
In the frame 5
Susie Mendelsson is a figurative artist influenced by the German Expressionists as well as medieval art. Much of her work is motivated by psychological states of trauma and anxiety. Her work explores the universal theme of being a wife, mother and woman. Her current project is Purdah.


We'll be displaying Susie's and Theo's artwork in magnet form on the streets of Bath as part of the Fringe Arts Bath Festival. Come and join us on the 24th May from 11.30am (Bath Spa Rail Station) onwards when we'll be placing the magnets on metallic surfaces throughout the city. The magnets are free to pick up and take home so it's the perfect opportunity to start a collection on your fridge.
If you can't be there in person then follow us on twitter at @collectconnect4 and #fab14.