Thursday 16 April 2020

Art of Caring Online exhibition in May 2020

Dear artists,
We hope you are all safe and well wherever you are in the world today.
Thank you for submitting your artwork to the Art of Caring exhibition, and supporting Nurses and Carers through your creative endeavours.
Due to the Coronavirus pandemic St George's Hospital have asked us to postpone the postcard exhibition. They are very keen and supportive of the exhibition and have asked us to put it up at the earliest opportunity once the current crisis is over.
The postcards are currently being printed so we are ready for when this happens.
The staff at the School of Nursing at Kingston University are currently choosing the poster image for the exhibition. They pass on their thanks to you all.
The curatorial team at St Pancras Hospital are delighted with your contributions too. They will make a decision about the second Art of Caring exhibition when things become a little clearer. Thank you to everyone who filled out the form for this exhibition.

To help support the incredible work our Nurses and Carers are doing at this difficult time we will be running an online exhibition during May 2020.
Each day during May we will be featuring the work of 4 artists on our blog/website. 
Don't forget it is International Nurses Day on the 12th May 2020.
Alban, Bryan, Dean and the St George's Hospital staff will choose one artwork per person.
The scheduled date of when your artwork will be shown online is below.

To accompany your image there will be a short biography about you, a link to your website (if you have one) and a statement or quote that is personal to you. This statement/quote might be something about how Nurses or Carers have helped you or your family during your life, or it might reflect what is currently happening during the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you would like to contribute this information yourself then send Alban this information before midnight on 26th April.
1) A short biography about you as an artist 
2) Your website
3) A statement/quote about the role of Nurses/Carers in your life
Email either Alban's personal email address or
Please be patient, we will be working with all 124 artists so it will be very busy. We also have family to look after, which means we won't always be able to respond to every email. Be kind to us, thank you.

Finally. Once the postcards have had their final finish here we will be able to send them out to you.
If you would like to receive them then send us your street address in an email.

Thank you once again for getting involved and please stay safe,
Alban (Dean and Bryan)

Art of Caring Online exhibition 2020
Aaron J Little 20/05/2020
Aasiri Wickremage 15/05/2020
Adam Drouet 07/05/2020
Alan Carlyon Smith 31/05/2020
Alban Low 25/05/2020
Alexandre Santacruz 21/05/2020
Ally Zlatar 20/05/2020
Amanda Van Der Zant 07/05/2020
Amna Walayat 28/05/2020
Ana Miljkovac 26/05/2020
Ann Froggatt 28/05/2020
Ann Kopka 10/05/2020
Anna Bulgakova 18/05/2020
Anna O'Doherty 05/05/2020
Aran Illingworth 20/05/2020
Ayşegül Altunok 19/05/2020
B a r b a r a   Schneider 23/05/2020
Beatrice Bromley 09/05/2020
Beth Barlow 11/05/2020
Bryan Benge 08/05/2020
Carole Loeffler 28/05/2020
Catherine Jack 15/05/2020
Catriona Smith 25/05/2020
Charlotte W Stubbs 08/05/2020
Chiara Cavarzan 29/05/2020
Chloe Ann Munday 12/05/2020
Chloe Laurence and Tom Francome 24/05/2020
Chris Brown 30/05/2020
Chris Holley 27/05/2020
CJ Crosland 18/05/2020
Clare Owen 27/05/2020
Collette Costello 14/05/2020
Corinne Perry 06/05/2020
Cotidad 28/05/2020
Dacc e Dukjan 12/05/2020
Daniel Zlota 05/05/2020
Daniele Bongiovanni 02/05/2020
Danny Mooney 19/05/2020
David Robinson 26/05/2020
Dean Reddick 21/05/2020
Durre Sameen 23/05/2020
Emily Naine 27/05/2020
Gabriella Ranito 04/05/2020
George Mavrikos 18/05/2020
Gerrard Lindley 01/05/2020
GIDEON CONN 30/05/2020
Giovanna Iorio 14/05/2020
Grant Radford & Zoe Maslen. Accent 16/05/2020
Hamish Young 30/05/2020
Hannah Lehane 01/05/2020
Helen Grundy 02/05/2020
Helen Roeten 13/05/2020
Helen Tate 17/05/2020
Henry Kenyon 29/05/2020
Jade Atkinson 02/05/2020
Jane Walker 26/05/2020
Janet Stafford 09/05/2020
Jean Mooney 19/05/2020
Jeff Hunter 25/05/2020
Jennifer Weston 10/05/2020
Jenny Meehan 06/05/2020
Jina Wallwork 01/05/2020
Jon Halls 05/05/2020
Julie Bennett 04/05/2020
Jura Brian Joyce 17/05/2020
Karen Winship 12/05/2020
Kath Lovett 07/05/2020
Katie Frost 22/05/2020
Katy Sayers 21/05/2020
Klaus Pinter 07/05/2020
Laura Atkinson 02/05/2020
Laura Parker 04/05/2020
Laura Scull 14/05/2020
Laurence Morgan 10/05/2020
Lieske Weenink 03/05/2020
Lily Mooney 31/05/2020
Lotta Barlach 27/05/2020
Louisa Pankhurst Johnson 15/05/2020
Lucy Clayton 20/05/2020
Lucy Oates 24/05/2020
Lydia Fernandez-Arias 08/05/2020
Mahlia Amatina 13/05/2020
Maria Lezon 08/05/2020
Marina Medef 23/05/2020
Marius Els 12/05/2020
Mark Carr 03/05/2020
Martin Hill 26/05/2020
Martina Scott 04/05/2020
Mary Conway 24/05/2020
Melanie Honebone 06/05/2020
Mia-Jane Harris 29/05/2020
Misty Athena Stokes 11/05/2020
Monique Martin 03/05/2020
Nadia Uppal 31/05/2020
Nicholas Sweet 14/05/2020
Nicky Chubb 18/05/2020
Nicole Lyster 05/05/2020
Paul March 11/05/2020
Paula De Sousa 15/05/2020
Poppy Field 24/05/2020
Rachael Murray - Created by family carers in Suffolk 17/05/2020
Rakhee Shah 05/05/2020
Raul Moya Mula 16/05/2020
Rebecca Sainsot-Reynolds 22/05/2020
Richard Young 06/05/2020
Ryoko Minamitani 19/05/2020
Sam M Harley 25/05/2020
Sara Jayne Harris 11/05/2020
Sarah Foque 16/05/2020
SEAN WORRALL 03/05/2020
Shannon Amey 22/05/2020
Simon Richardson 29/05/2020
Sonia Ben Achoura 23/05/2020
Stella Tripp 09/05/2020
Sue Thompson 16/05/2020
Susan Plover 30/05/2020
Teri Anderson 22/05/2020
Tracy Ferriss 31/05/2020
Trevor Coopersmith 10/05/2020
Vaiva Kovieraitė 21/05/2020
William Stok 17/05/2020
Yvonne Vignes 13/05/2020
Zelga Miller 09/05/2020
Zoe Douglas-Cain 13/05/2020

Sunday 12 April 2020

Art of Caring 2020 - Update

During the next few days we will be contacting artists about our plans for the Art of Caring exhibition 2020. Please be patient with us and keep an eye out for an email.

It looks like we will be running an online exhibition during May to help support International Nurses Day on the 12th May. We will be featuring different artists and their artwork each day on our website/blogs/facebook etc. St George's Hospital are very keen to exhibit the physical postcard show so we are going to prepare this as we normally do. When the hospital is open to visitors once again we will be placing the artwork on the walls.

Thank you for your support of Nurses, Carers and the NHS.