Monday 27 August 2012

100 'Birds' released in Walthamstow

Welcome to the HideBird Magnet Exhibition.

We'll be releasing 100 magnetic 'bird' artworks into the wilds of Walthamstow on Saturday 8th September. Why not come and join us, or search for the birds themselves, pick them up and take them home. Its all Free.

There's a full list of all 50 artists who contributed on the artist's page and you can follow links to their website there.
There is a full catalogue on the slideshow (right) click on it to see the full range.

If you're interested in getting involved meet us at 11am by the HideBird in the front garden of 28 Barrett Road, Walthamstow on 8th September.

HideBird is an exhibition of sculptures - more info here
And part of the E17 Arts Trail

See you there,