Wednesday 26 August 2020

Henry Driver / Ed Arantus - Silver Spoon exhibition

Henry Driver's fluorescent sculpture has been placed at the Corn Exchange, a building whose purpose has shifted over the years, in parallel with changes in the agricultural industries. The response has been written by Ed Arantus. 

You watched me under the microscope; I know you did

With a snake eye glance like I've never seen, you took me in

Like a petri, parcel, package, like a dream

You didn’t notice my beauty, no connection, and I

Wasn't looking for you to rescue me

I wondered just which part of me you wanted

I hope you realize I’m not all sweet, all things nice, with spice


You see me under glass, all made up, your fantasy

And it's the lazy way, I’m more than a money tree

Because even white snow fades

Like dirty socks, don’t throw me away

I’m not just a pretty cross section

All torn out, worn and left behind

So I won't be sad if you change your mind  

Ed Arantus

Henry Driver works at the intersection of art and technology. A commission for a permanent work for Cressing Temple Barns by Essex County Council in 2019 demonstrated his interest in organic forms and changing agricultural practices. He has exhibited widely internationally and in galleries in the UK included Tate Britain, Tate Liverpool, the Barbican and The Whitechapel Gallery. Most recently he was selected by leading curators as one of the top fifteen young artists working in the UK, for the Kleinwort Hambros Emerging Artists Prize 2019.; Twitter @henrydriver_; Instagram @henrydriver_

Ed Arantus is a conceptual artist and writer. He published his first work in the Censored Zine in 2010 and has exhibited his work ever since at venues like the Contemporary Arts Research Unit in Oxford and the Museum of Futures in Surbiton.; Instagram @edarantus

In the summer of 2020 fifteen specially commissioned artworks on the theme of Silver Spoon were placed on the streets and in the parks of Bury St Edmunds. Each artwork inspired a new written work by an author that was published on the Groving blog at

Silver Spoon is part of the annual Groving exhibition that takes art into public spaces. In this year of COVID it provides an exciting art experience for the everyone, a real lift to the town centre of Bury St Edmunds. To read more about the curator Barbara Dougan and Grove Projects visit

Works can be found and enjoyed, or taken home to be treasured.