Monday 29 September 2014

DWELL Net Book - Submission open

A4 page of a Net Dwelling

Welcome to Dwell, a new publication and art installation that Dean Reddick is launching today on behalf of CollectConnect. Read all the information on the Submit and Now Showing pages where Dean has written everything you'll need to know. He is looking for 30 Nets based upon the theme of Dwell/Dwelling. He explains what a net is, and what you will need to email to him, but if there are any questions then get in touch at The deadline for entries is 27th October.
'Dwell' a book of Nets from CollectConnect
1 To live as a permanent resident
2 To live in a specified state
3 To dwell on or upon, to think or write about at length


1 A building or other place to live in. (Source:

CollectConnect are producing 'Dwell', a book of nets based around the idea of Dwellings.

A net is a two dimensional plan which is cut out, folded and joined to create a three dimensional form.

'Dwell' will be a book of thirty nets, each on a separate page which can be photocopied or cut out from the book.
Each contributing artist will get a free copy of 'Dwell'.
There will also be a catalogue of all the nets on the publisher's, Sampson Low Ltd, website which will be free to download for anyone. 

Requirements for a Page
Each Net must fit onto a single side of A4.
Each page needs to be in black and white (grey tone) and must contain;
- the net
- a list of materials needed to complete the net

- clear written instructions for the construction of the net
- a black and white photo of the completed form.

(See the page for 'TreeHouse' above and the Submit Page for further details.)

CollectConnect will build, photograph and publish each net, alongside a commentary from the CollectConnect team on the CollectConnect website starting on the 1st December 2014.

We will also be creating a Dwell Village where all the nets will come together to form a community of dwellings; more details to follow......
We very much look forward to receiving your Net Dwelling!

Monday 1 September 2014

Dean Reddick preparing to DWELL

It's been a summer off the collect connect trail for all four of us but we're chomping at the bit to start a new round of exhibitions. Over the past two years we've all organised an exhibition or publication and also the group show FAB Fridge to boot.

Latest news though is that Dean Reddick is currently putting the finishing touches to a new exhibition titled DWELL that will be both an exhibition and a book of Nets.

A net is what a 3D shape would look like if it were opened out flat. You'll get the chance to submit your net for publication in an A4 book, and these will be made into their 3D forms for the exhibition.

Keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the call to artists.