Tuesday 20 January 2015

Dwell artwork at the printers

Its taken longer than we thought but the dwell book is now finished and out of our hands for a few days. The artwork rests on the printing press of our publishers Sampson Low Ltd so it's just a waiting game. The final list of artists can be found below and on our designated Artist's page. Thank you to Dean Reddick for his idea and hard work in reaching this milestone.
The Dwell book cover art
From the 1st February keep an eye out for the dwellings on the streets of London. We'll be placing one a day in interesting places throughout the capital. Then posting information about the artists and creators here on the CollectConnect website, facebook page and twitter.

Artists and their nets.....

3. Alban Low - Scrunchy Shed
5. Beth Davis - Hofbauer Castle in the Sky
7. Bryan Benge - City Scape
9. Catherine Wynne-Paton - Raft at Sea
11. Dean Reddick - Shelter One
13. Dean Reddick - TreeHouse
15. Eleanor Bedlow - Container
17. Ella & Fausto - House by the Wild Sea
19. Eve Allsop - Home
21. Gavin Blackhurst - 46 Malbet Park
23. Helen Hunt - Thoreau’s Room
25. Holly Daniels - Fairy Dwelling
27. Jane Hellings - Shipping Container
29. Jay Snelling - Pyramid
31. Jessamy Low - Ocelot Villa
33. J Masson - Abri
35. Keziah Reddick - Dream dwelling
37. Kim Reddick - Crates
39. Lisa Howes - Flat Pack
41. Malc Dow - Escape Dwelling
43. Melanie Ezra - Caer Hecsagon
45. Mike Russell - Negated Obstacle
47. Natalie Low - Dwellow Submarine
49. Nick Gammons - Castle
51. Rajaa Khalife Paixao - Confessions of an artist
53. Sabatin Bascoban - The Caravan
55. Sara Lerota - Table as a place..
57. Steve DT - The Sistene Chapel
59. Stuart Simler - Trojan Horse
61. Tamara Jelaca - Little house in Prairie

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