Thursday 27 August 2015

Connect with Droitwich Spa

Tamara Jelača, one of our favourite artists, is trying to put Droitwich Spa on the map with a great exhibition of Mail Art gems. Why not get involved by sending a postcard of your artwork and join artists from around the world. Your work will be exhibited at the internationally renown Droitwich Salt Fest.

'Connection is made...'

'Salt Fest' Droitwich Spa, 12th - 13th September 2015

Droitwich Library, October 2015

Droitwich Arts Network invites the artists to participate in the Mail Art Exhibition in town's library. The aim of the project is to connect artists from Droitwich Spa with fellow artists from twin towns and around the world. Feel free to introduce yourself through your artistic expression. We are looking forward to see your works.

Participation is free.
All mediums will be accepted like: mixed media, collage, painting, drawing, text/poetry, original printmaking, photography, digital art but please no photocopies.
Dimensions: approximately A5 (15 x 21 cm), but it's not a strict rule
More than one work allowed
Artwork must be sent through the regular postal service as a postcard (not in envelope). Be sure the postage is stamped at correct amount.
No Jury. All artworks will be exhibited.
Each artist is required to give the following information together with his/her artwork(s): name and surname, country, title of artwork, technique, email and, if any, personal website. Please write clearly.
Artworks sent for the exhibitions will not be returned. The artworks will become a part of The Droitwich Arts Network collection or be offered for sale for a symbolic prize and the revenue will be all donated to a charitable institution (with the permission of the artist).
All artworks will be published in e-catalogue and available to download.
The organiser retains the rights to photograph and print photographs of works in local papers, in web, public relations and advertisements of the exhibition. The artists' name will be clearly noted.
The organiser The Droitwich Arts Network reserves the right to refuse any material judged to be unsuitable for exhibiting due to violent or offensive subject.


Please send your postcards before:

30th September 2015

All artists that include the contact email will be informed when the artwork is received.

Please send your artworks to the following address:
Mail Art Project

19 Impney Way

Droitwich Spa



United Kingdom

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