Thursday 3 October 2019

What If exhibition in Tolworth

'What If' is a new exhibition that celebrates a world of whimsical and playful futures. Posters are being placed at Tolworth railway station over the next few months that we hope will be imaginative and silly. They might even make you laugh and perhaps provoke a thought or two.

For us it is a new format here at CollectConnect and we are slowly trialling the concept. The first posters are from Alban Low who many of you will know and Sam Tout, a new young artist with an inquisitive mind. Dean Reddick and Bryan Benge will be following with their own What Ifs.

Tolworth is the gateway to new worlds, it is the home of imagination where every future is possible. We are very grateful to The Community Brain who has helped with this exhibition and artist Debbie Chessell who has her studio at Tolworth Station.

Sam Tout
Alban Low

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