Saturday 23 May 2020

Sentinel Trees

Welcome to Sentinel Trees, an exhibition of miniature art works from 13 artists and 9 authors.
We are excited and pleased to be part of the Urban Tree Festival 2020.

Artist: Chris Brown Writer: Ginny Reddick

Soaked in cheap wine,
Evading thief sleep
We waited for the sun

We lounged
And talked. Or not.
And while we were not looking,
a metallic dawn
caught our new day in its iron fist.

Of course in the end, time insisted upon itself.
We knew it would.
But you.
You twisted into not-life
You fixed on something
You stopped,

Me now in a black green swooshing garden of leaf and life and sound
I think about the iron twist.
What if?
If we had seen crimson cloud bellies.
If early light had filtered through leaves and leaves.
If we had heard the songbirds singing each to each.

About the Writer

Ginny Reddick is 47 years old. 
She lives in Walthamstow with her lovely family and their dog

About the Artist

Chris Brown is an author, artist and art therapist. He is a member of the editorial board of ATOL  Art Therapy Online.

About the Bonsai

This Yew bonsai has been allowed to grow unchecked for a few years to develop the branches and trunk. It will be stylied next year. Yews make great bonsais as they are shade tolerant, so can be placed in shadowy areas of the garden and they respond well to pruning. As evergreen trees they provide colour during the winter months.
The Yew tree is variably poisonous except for the flesh of the red berries (much loved by waxwings) and is often associated with churchyards. The tree can live for centuries although accuratley dating old trees is impossible because they become hollow with age which prevents counting the rings in the trunk. Some rare Yews are thought to be over a thousand yeras old.

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