Monday 17 May 2021

Bill Mudge & Ginny Reddick - Urban Bonsais Real and Imagined

Our Urban Bonsai today comes from Bill Mudge with words from Ginny Reddick.

Photographer Bill Mudge has been embedded in the creative industries for all of his working life. Starting his journey as a session musician playing piano and organ on London's vibrant jazz scene. He is now one of the go-to photographers for artists, makers, and designers who want to translate their work onto the digital page. Working with fledgling and established creatives, growing businesses and world-renowned artists such as Kendra Haste and John Virtue.

Ginny lives in Walthamstow with her lovely family. She likes to go for walks in Epping Forest.


the grey wave

starts with a path


stubborn roots push

at memories

nuthatch, cabbage white

oak and beech


a faded leaf

relishes the final rays

and weeks

or days


life fights

grey washes

our tree fades

and throws a seed

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