Friday 31 May 2013

Future Bound Book and Exhibition

Future Bound -
Lucy Carasco (left) and
Elli Abernethy (right)
After months of hard work by the students at UCA Epsom's Diploma in Art & Design- Foundation Studies and the Pre-U Level Diploma not only is their Final Exhibition on the horizon but this fantastic book. The Future Bound book has now arrived in the Sampson Low Ltd offices and we are very excited about releasing it into the world.

Just like the students who will be graduating to bigger and better things in the months to come, we hope the Future Bound book will do the same in art circles. Heralding the arrival of a new crop of artistic talent on the creative scene.

If you would like to buy a copy then we have 30 first editions available on Amazon, just follow this link - BUY FUTURE BOUND

In due course the publisher will also carry them on their site.

If you would like to see who appears in the book itself then visit the Future Bound website -

Laura Matthews (front)
Alice Firman, Rosie Howe and Elisabeth Lewis (Back)
The students worked together with the 4 artists from CollectConnect - Stuart Simler, Bryan Benge, Alban Low and Dean Reddick. The project was devised to give the students an early experience of working and submitting their work in a professional capacity.

The ISBN for the book is 978-0-9534712-2-5 and this allowed us to attach several students names to the code but not unfortunately all. Laura Matthews provided the excellent front cover image and we chose her and two others, Charlotte Harris and Natasha Skliar-Ward (randomly) to be the book's authors. The back cover artists, Alice Firman, Rosie Howe and Elisabeth Lewis were accredited with illustrator credits. We had to select 3 of the 4 CollectConnect to be editors too, but all have played their part and we are grateful to the work they had done behind the scenes.

Future Bound magnet exhibition
The Final Exhibition of all the students' work with be on Tuesday 4th June, 5-8pm at UCA Epsom.
As well as some of the books to flick through, we'll have the 65 copies for the artists to pick up/take home and an exhibition of all their work. Not your normal exhibit, these will be in the form of 70 magnets on a fridge door. Come and say hello on the day and experience this insightful and original book.


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