Sunday 20 October 2013

Cardboard City - Call Out

Deadline Closed at 11pm 15/11/2013

Welcome to a new opportunity and exhibition from artist, educator and curator Stuart Simler. This is the fourth exhibition from CollectConnect and once again a new face brings a fresh perspective on the group exhibition genre. Read all about the exhibition/intervention and call-out below, visit the submit page right for all the details, then quite simply get involved.

 'Cardboard City saw the UK's largest collection of homeless people gather in the underpasses of Waterloo, London. Using whatever they could find to house themselves, individuals created a space that would temporarily house them in the short term. As a result of this and because of one common purpose they had become part of a community. Whether this was a cohesive one, we don't know but it raises the question of community spirit and oneness within societies everywhere and never more so than in the glittering chaos that is our lead up the festive season.'

Artists are asked to respond to the this excerpt above and address the main theme -
Social Advent
and to consider the wider ideas of  
'Community & Society...a sense of Belonging' and '
Cardboard City - a throw away Home'
The artwork will be housed in a makeshift cardboard box and released during the lead up to Christmas starting with the first cluster on the 1st December and then daily up until Christmas Eve, 24th December. The trail will begin somewhere near the site of Cardboard City and lead along the Southbank where the final release of artworks will find fruition at the doors of the Tate Modern
 on Christmas Eve. We will be open the doors of the boxes daily and publish the images on the website and twitter @collectconnect4.
Artwork should be created to the following dimensions: 7 x 7 cm and emailed through to: images no larger than 1MB.
Deadline for entries - Friday 15th November (11pm)
Of course any questions please get in touch with Stuart at the email address above and he will endeavour to help you out.

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