Tuesday 20 August 2019

Eskild Beck - Acts of Resistance

This morning Eskild Beck's work was placed at three locations in the town; Abbeygate Street, Moyses Hall Museum and The Traverse. His work ​Diversity is a multiple so that a number of people can take a piece. 


Diversity celebrates difference;

    Includes  imperfection,

      Values the various,

         Eccentric, extraordinary;

             Rejoices in rainbows,

                    Sings solidarity,
                    I nsists: be

                   T rue to


Lynda Turbet

I held a most distressing thought last night
In dream I was a crystal bird
Blinded by a pride so bright
Ascend and soar and rise and more
Shine high and never alight
My luck to take a breath of glass
And saved another night of endless flight
Colours awoke my heart beat fast
Your blank doves swallowed by the sun at last

Ed Arantus

Eskild Beck trained in Copenhagen and New York. His work is represented in museums and collections in Denmark, Germany, South Korea, Japan. For interesting exhibitions please see www.starflight.dk, including Kunsthals forårsudstilling, Copenhagen; Den fries Efterårsudstilling,  Copenhagen; Oriel Davies Gallery, Wales; Cubeopen, Manchester; Artinternational, Zurich.

Lynda Turbet observes the world from North Norfolk and tries make sense of it all through writing.

Ed Arantus published his first work in the Censored Zine in 2010 and has exhibited his work ever since at venues like the Contemporary Arts Research Unit in Oxford and the Museum of Futures in Surbiton. Earlier this year he was a writer for the Love Tokens and Bad Pennies exhibition with CollectConnect. See http://edarantus.blogspot.com/, twitter @edarantus

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