Tuesday 3 September 2019

Deborah Pipe - groving in Bury St Edmunds

Deborah Pipe's second horse and clay sculpture has found a niche in the abbey ruins in Bury St Edmunds. Two responses have been written, by Astra Papachristodoulou and Amilia Graham.

I Predicted Both 

Out of rubble
stones turn

into tableaux-

The horses were rising

A horde of limbs
recast as a
unified body.

Anthem for a new form.

Amilia Graham


moving sand horses
caught in moving land
moment to moment
lands caught in manic
rage of moving lands
moondrifts the horses
moonshines the sand
concrete sand-drifts
creating momentum

Astra Papachristodoulou

Deborah Pipe focuses on the dynamics of clay and considering the responsiveness and tactile opportunities of other 3D materials. She is currently investigating the often grotesque images and marginalia found in early manuscripts and in architectural features. After a career working in mental health services she is highly conscious of art as a media for social change and a form of self-expression and healing. The multi-disciplinary and responsive nature of groving and opportunity to make social comment made the invitation to join this project particularly attractive and exciting.

Amilia Graham is interested in the way capitalism informs relationships between humans and nature. She works across all different mediums, but is primarily drawn to time-based practices such as writing and film. Her research draws from psychoanalysis, film theory, feminism and Marxism. She has completed a foundation in art and design at Central St Martins and will soon begin a degree in fine art and history of art at Goldsmiths. See www.amiliagraham.uk and Twitter @AmiliaGraham

Astra Papachristodoulou, artist and poet, is a recent graduate from the MA Creative Writing (Poetic Practice) at Royal Holloway. She has read at poetry events including the European Poetry Festival and The Enemies Project. Her poetry has appeared in small magazines and anthologies including The Tangerine, Eborakon Journal and 3:am Magazine. Astra delivers experimental poetry workshops at the University for the Creative Arts and freelances for the Poetry Society. She won the Pebeo Mixed Media Art Prize in 2016, and her visual work has been showcased at contemporary art exhibitions including the National Poetry Library (Southbank Centre) and the Museum of Futures in London. 

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  1. Great photo of a complicated piece. The shadow almost makes another horses head!