Friday 3 January 2020

Impossipebbles in Slapton

We continue our art pebble trail through the lanes of South Devon with a visit to Slapton today.

We first encounter pebbles in childhood, selecting them, chucking them in the air, stacking them as piles, selecting colour, pattern.
Later in life we select again, look for the flat ones, the right weight ones, the ones that skim across the water, to disappear.
Humans selected Pebbles as tools, they are among the earliest known man-made artefacts, dating from the Palaeolithic period of human history.
Now they have been selected again, to make paintings, sculptures, repurposed images, placed and perhaps rediscovered by others, to hopefully beckon the minds eye, what, how, why.

Bryan Benge - Impossipebble 4 / Odin 2
In a niche in the old chancery college boundary wall, Slapton Village.  

Dean Reddick - Impossipebble 5
In a wall niche near the ruined Slapton village Tower. This was built in 1347 and formed the western end of the Chancery College founded by Sir Guy De Briene. It is conveniently near the Tower inn pub for thirsty art lovers.

Alban Low - Impossipebble 6
On the seat inside the Slapton Ley bus shelter

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