Friday 29 March 2024

Ian Parker-Translocation Dislocation (words by Ros Taylor)

Welcome to the Translocation and Dislocation exhibition, a selection of eclectic artworks that have been placed or screened beyond the tradition gallery walls. Alongside the art, you can read written works by our First Responders. We will choose a different location for each artwork, the art might be placed in a complementary location (to add to the narrative) or juxtaposed against a competing backdrop to create new meaning.

Todays art work provides remembrance, distance and transformation through the acts of walking and writing. Ian Parker's video records a walk around a large ‘pond’, a crater left from the detonation of 70,000 pounds of high explosives under 'The Caterpillar' in the Battle of Messines on June 7, 1917. 

Ian Parker

Ian tells us that the trip to the crater was made at the height of Brexit, after the vote but before the UK left the EU. Knowing what was coming, freely crossing borders felt like a poignant and melancholy act. Ian's video is viewed over Bryan's shoulder as he walks through the grounds of Polesden Lacey.

First Responder Ros Taylor

We welcome Ros Taylor to Collect Connect as our First Responder. All our writers words are written without them knowing any of the contextual details provided by the artists, they are genuinely a first response to the art work. Here Ros' playful take on Bryan's presentation of Ian's walk are in startling contrast to the violent history of the Pond. The writing points us to innocence and the simple pleasure of play but also hints at what is lost over time and re-found through walking alone and playing together.

Shall we play? 

Let’s play! 

I’ll hide! 

Where’s a good place? 

1.. 2.. 3.. 

There’s nowhere to hide! 

4.. 5 

Don’t look! 

6.. 7 

Where can I hide? 

8.. 9 



This is a good place… 

11.. 12.. 

Argh! It won’t work! 

They’ll see me here 

13.. 14.. 

Hang on! 

I’m not ready! 

15.. 16.. 17.. 

This is better! 

18.. 19.. 



Coming! Ready or not? 

Where could you be? 

This is fun! 

They’ll never find me here! 

Where are you? 



They’re so close 

I mustn’t move, 

I mustn’t breathe! 

Please don’t find me! 

Where are you? 

Phew! They’ve gone 

I know! 

No! Not here… 

Not here… 

Where could they be? 

Shall I give up? 

Will they ever find me? 

There you are! 

Found you!

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