Sunday 31 March 2024

Melanie Honebone - Translocation Dislocation (words by Maria Woodford)

Welcome to the Translocation and Dislocation exhibition, a selection of eclectic artworks that have been placed or screened beyond the tradition gallery walls. Alongside the art, you can read written works by our First Responders. We will choose a different location for each artwork, the art might be placed in a complementary location (to add to the narrative) or juxtaposed against a competing backdrop to create new meaning.

A truncated mini monument sits high upon the hill, a new deity ready for her worshippers. Our very own Gower Goddess Melanie Honebone is the creator, the artist who specialises is dissecting the world and then putting it back together, always with new narratives and insights. Our First Responder today is an exciting debutant for CollectConnect, writer and photographer Maria Woodford. Read her contribution below.

Melanie Honebone

First Responder: Maria Woodford

view from the hillside

a mid autumn morning. the patchwork fields unfurl like
a ribbon wound endlessly from a single spool. onwards
and onwards and onwards. from here, she watches
with a wide myopic stare - the jigsaw of farms and houses,
the clouds matted in their thick grey knot. she
feels that the town must still be sleeping. (she hears
that the birds are long awoken.) in the middle distance,
a clock chimes an uncertain hour. but still:
her eyelids never


Melanie Honebone is a Wales-based fine artist. She often works in series, providing visual responses to external stimuli such as literature, science, and music. Melanie openly describes herself as a ‘renegade arts experimentalist’ and is happy dabbling in anything that pushes her work to the limit and broadens her own potential. In her spare time she produces music videos and photography for Stone Letter Media, is attempting to learn Welsh, and likes to stroke cats.

Photographer and writer Maria Woodford was recently one of only five poets shortlisted for the  Telegraph Poetry Prize in 2024. A graduate of Trinity College, Cambridge in 2022 she has been a performer on the London poetry circuit from a young age, including at the Poetry Society.

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