Monday 2 December 2013

Andrew 'Ang' McDonald - Social Advent 2

Cardboard City #2 - beside Big Ben
Yesterday we kicked off the Cardboard City exhibition with the work of Bryan Benge beside The London Eye. Today we're taking a walk round the corner to install our second door in the shadow of another national landmark.

'King Lear' by Ang McDonald
Time to open the door!

This is Andrew 'Ang' Mcdonald 's response to the theme of 'Social Advent'.
McDonald has been exhibiting with us since our first ever Street Art exhibition in 2010 and has been a steady contributor ever since. He is best known for his mural work from the early Noughties, which saw the enterprising painter travel the world leaving his modern frescoed calling card on a variety of continents. It seems he hasn't shaken off the travel bug either and now resides in Belgium where amongst other interests he runs language courses for Brussel's NATO glitterati.

Social Advent #2

Literature, History and Storytelling are the cornerstones of Andrew 'Ang' Mcdonald's work, and here he transposes the tragedy of William Shakespeare's 'King Lear' into the modern realm. The themes of Mcdonald's 'Lear' also run parallel to those of the original Cardboard City for this is a play that is famous for its probing observations on the nature of human suffering and kinship.

Tomorrow, curator Stuart Simler opens the third door!
Keep 'em peel'd


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